[VIDEO] Things Just Keep Going From Bad to Worse For Ol’ Kamala

[VIDEO] Things Just Keep Going From Bad to Worse For Ol’ Kamala

Kamala Harris made the most useless trip to the border ever recorded.


Why did she suddenly “sort of” go to the border after refusing for months now?

Well, because President Trump announced that he’d be going to assess the mess Biden and Kamala have made at the border with Governor Abbott.

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It was only after that announcement that Kamala decided to go.

Of course, the part of the border that she’s visited isn’t where the real issues are…but Kamala can’t go to where the actual human rights violations are – if she did that the press would actually see the disaster, and some of them *might* decide to report on it.


But never the less, Kamala was cackling away right when she landed in El Paso.

Although, I doubt she was laughing for long…

Kamala, who’s off to the worst and rockiest “VP” start in history,  just can’t seem to catch a break from the KARMA cloud that’s following her around.

As Kamala made her way to the part of the border that has very few issues, she was greeted by a MAGA parade.

I have a feeling she was probably swearing like a sailor.

It seems this is the “scene” that follows Kamala wherever she goes in the world…check out those brutal signs!

You can watch the video below:

It’s odd how Kamala and Joe supposedly won 82+ million votes, yet, nobody is ever standing on the side of the road excited to greet her.


Really make you wonder, right?

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