[VIDEO] Journalist Catches Something Interesting About Kamala’s Movements Around Joe

[VIDEO] Journalist Catches Something Interesting About Kamala’s Movements Around Joe

Independent journalist Mike Cernovich caught something interesting about Kamala and her actual physical movements around Joe Biden.


It happened today while Biden was speaking about the new infostructure bill.

Biden had forgotten something, so of course, his stand-in “nursemaid” Kamala had to jump in and help remind him.

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And as she did, Kamala made a rather big point of making sure she stepped into the fame so the camera could see her helping the feeble old “leader.”

And she didn’t look happy, either.

If you could read facial expressions and body language, Kamala was saying that she’s nobody’s “nurse,” and is done running cover for this half-witted old man.

And she wanted the cameras to see her do it…Gone are the days of those soft “off-camera” whispers to help poor old Joe.

Now, Kamala is showing the world what a bungling doofus he is.


That’s a new theory, and it might hold a lot of water.

Mike Cernovich mentions below, OANN reporter Jack Posobiec responded earlier that a fed-up and angry Kamala is sick of being the sucker, and after this next El Paso trip (to the part of the border that’s not even much of a problem), she is going to start to play “hardball” with Joe.

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from people online:

“I’m a woman and I can tell when another woman is pissed…Haris is livid” 

“I think she really wanted to make sure the camera caught her “helping” him”

“She’s a fake VP and a real nurse, and she’s mad as hell” 

“they hate each other its not even subtle.” 

“Kamala sucks at hardball & will be destroyed by the machine if she challenges it. DC is comply or loose. Look at everyone who stood up to the establishment from Nixon to Trump, Vietnam war, WMD facts, Russiagate, COINTELPRO, CIA torture etc.. The power/establishment always wins.”

“You need a set of cojones to play in the big leagues and from we’ve seen, she’s not equipped to overcome Joe’s dementia”

“Is she trolling for an outburst from Joe? She going to do this that ugly?”

Things between Joe and Kamala are going to heat up.

It looks like Team Biden is no longer interested in turning the wheel over to Team Kamala.


She’s either going to be a nurse for the next 3 1/2 years, or she’ll make a move and get herself in real trouble….sounds like she’s going to do the latter.

This outta be good!


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