LeBron James Just Took His Biggest Gut Punch Yet…He’s in Deep Trouble

LeBron James Just Took His Biggest Gut Punch Yet…He’s in Deep Trouble

I have always said that LeBron James is a miserable, unlikeable jerk.


And I’m not talking about his game-playing antics, where he whines and cries, and pretends to be “hurt” all the time.

I’m talking about his off-the-court persona…His cruddy “King James” leadership.

It sucks.

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LeBron James comes off as this unhappy, joyless, low-info guy with a 200-pound chip on his shoulder.  He seems more interested in being a political and social activist – something he’s not even good at – than actually doing his job of dribbling a ball down a court and shooting baskets – and the American people have been screaming loud and clear for eons now, that we don’t want politics and social justice mixed into our sports.

But arrogant, narcissistic jerks like LeBron don’t actually care what the fans (who pay his salary) think or want.


His ego has gotten way too big to worry about silly “fans” and stuff like that.

So, that’s why when the NBA ratings crashed, LeBron couldn’t possibly imagine that it was his political and social activism – no way – it had to be something else like, “COVID.”

But now, it’s all caught up with him.

Now, LeBron just got the biggest gut-punch of his career…a new study found that LeBron James is the most hated player in the entire NBA.

And not by just a little…It’s by A LOT.


Breitbart reported that a new social media study finds that LeBron James is the most hated player in the NBA by a fairly significant margin.

According to the social media use survey by Sports Insider using trends software with direct access to geotagged Twitter data, the study tracked negative mentions of NBA players on Twitter.

The study tracked negative tweets such as “I hate LeBron” or “LeBron sucks” and similar negative comments for many players.

The data was then grouped by region and measured against which players received the most negative tweets across a map of states. James won it, going away with 24 states lining up against him. However, Kyrie Irving factored in second place, with 18 states hating him the most.

Other players who saw negative reactions include James Harden, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Paul George.

The rankings:

Lebron James – 24 states
Kyrie Irving – 18 states
James Harden – 3 states
Kevin Durant – 3 states
Russell Westbrook – 1 state
Paul George – 1 state
L.A. Lakers star LeBron James was rated most hated in states including Oregon, Utah, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and others.

The “King” has totally fallen off his throne, and if LeBron doesn’t start heeding what the American people are saying, he will lose more than the throne.


He will lose his endorsements and his reputation…and honestly, and at this point, nobody deserves it more.

LeBron James has brought all of this on himself.

He has nobody but himself to blame.

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