Putin Just Savagely Trolled Biden’s “Dementia” During NBC Interview 

Putin Just Savagely Trolled Biden’s “Dementia” During NBC Interview 

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden are getting ready to meet.


The meeting comes on the heels of an absolutely disastrous G7 summit, where Biden made blunder after blunder and was caught on video “accidentally wandering” into a cafe, where Jill had to rush over and “rescue” him.

Biden’s train of thought was constantly derailed, and while the other leaders walked around like normal, Biden was shuffling at the back of the pack, looking weak, and often ignored because he couldn’t keep up.

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At one point Joe was trying to talk about Syria and Russia, but instead of saying. “Syria,” he called it “Libya” THREE different times and never once corrected himself.

He doesn’t know what’s happening or going on. He’s a shell of a man who didn’t get “82-million legal votes.” Sorry. But that didn’t happen, I don’t care what anyone says.

And just when you think things couldn’t get worse for Bumbling Joe, they did…He traveled to Belgium for the big meeting with Putin, and while there, he gave a press conference (he was nearly 3 hours late) that descended into an absolute disaster, when he stood frozen for about 10-seconds with a major “brain-freeze.”

Watch this unbelievable clip:

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The world is watching all of this unfold, and when they’re not belly-laughing at us, they’re either feeling sorry for senile, feeble old Joe or taking pot-shots at him, like Putin just did – in the most savage way possible.

During an interview with NBC News, Putin took a massive jab at Biden’s very obvious “Dementia.”

When asked by the report if he recalls the last meeting he had with Biden, Putin said he didn’t recall the exact conversation they had but said he’s sure Joe remembers, since he has such a “good memory.”



Putin must’ve watched Biden call Syria “Libya” three times…

Take a look:


This really shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, since one of Putin’s top officials publically called out Joe Biden for having “Dementia” recently.

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