What Putin Just Said About Jan 6th Must Have Biden’s Handlers Fuming 

What Putin Just Said About Jan 6th Must Have Biden’s Handlers Fuming 

Putin is playing Biden like a fiddle, and Joe’s handlers have to be steaming mad.


Puttin’s latest brutal comments come as he and Biden gear up to meet for the first time since Joe was installed.

In an effort to further humiliate and weaken Biden, Putin is now calling out his admin for keeping hundreds of January 6th protesters jailed.

Daily Mail reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday set a tough tone for his upcoming summit with U.S. President Joe Biden, and once again pointed to the prosecution of people who stormed the Capitol Jan. 6th as a way to try undercut U.S. pressure on its own human rights record.

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Putin accused Washington of trying to contain Russia and used the response to the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, where federal prosecutors have charged hundreds of people, to accuse the West of double standards.


He also dismissed U.S. complaints about ransomware attacks and denied U.S. intelligence assessments that it interfered in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

Putin is actually right.

It’s absurd how American citizens are being treated. And nobody would know better what Biden is doing, than another communist ruler.

Communists believe jail is fascism, and everyone except for political dissidents can be rehabilitated.

And that’s precisely what Biden is doing right now – he’s holding political dissidents prisoner, while actual criminals roam the streets and burn down cities in the name of Antifa and BLM.

Putin went on to speak critically of the U.S. response to the Capitol attack, which took place as Congress prepared to certify that Biden had defeated then President Donald Trump in the November election.

‘They weren´t just a crowd of robbers and rioters. Those people had come with political demands,’ Putin said.

Putin pointed out that the heavy charges against hundreds of participants in the attack were filed even as the U.S. and its allies strongly criticized Belarus´ crackdown on anti-government protests.


And he charged that even as the West has criticized Russian authorities for a harsh response to anti-Kremlin demonstrations, protesters in Europe have faced an even tougher police response, with some shot in the eye by what he mockingly called ‘democratic rubber bullets.’

You know what? It’s a really sad day when the President of Russia is speaking more truth and standing up for MAGA with more passion than the GOP is.

That’s how low the Republican Party has sunk.

I really hope that Putin also calls out the 2020 election sham and really humiliates Joe.

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