Senate Sergeant at Arms Downplays All The Dems “Jan 6th Hype”

Senate Sergeant at Arms Downplays All The Dems “Jan 6th Hype”

If you listen to the Democrats, there was nothing more “earth-shattering” than the kurfuffle that took place on January 6th at our nation’s capitol.


According to the Dems, the melee on Jan 6th was more serious than 9/11, when thousands of Americans were slaughtered at work.

Dems believe that it’s more horrific to steal Nancy Pelosi’s podium than watch Americans jump from a high-rise building.

That’s how elitist and out of touch, these idiots are.

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There was one person killed on January 6th, and she was an unarmed Trump supporter named Ashli Babbitt, and we still don’t know who shot her or why.

That’s the ONLY tragedy in all of this.

But the Dems can’t let this go because they’re using it as a weapon to punish Trump and his supporters.

But don’t be fooled. It’s all hype and PR.


Just look what the Senate “Seargent at Arms” says about January 6th – and that should put all of this into perspective.

Here’s what Karen Gibson said on CNN:

Senate Sergeant at Arms Karen Gibson is more concerned about a cyberattack crippling the government than another Jan. 6-type assault on the Capitol, she said in an interview aired Saturday on CNN.

“Our networks … have attempted intrusions every single day. And so, cybersecurity for me is a much greater concern than the prospect of thousands of people storming the West Terrace,” Gibson said.

Gibson’s comments come in wake of several significant cyberattacks on critical U.S. infrastructure, including a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline that crippled East Coast fuel supply last month and another on a major U.S. meat producer this week. Security analysts warned the USDA last month that ransomware could have more impact on the U.S. food supply than Covid-19 had.

She’s right.

While Dems play politics over nothing, our country is a sitting duck for more cyber hacks. Joe’s been installed for how long, and we’ve already had one cyberattack that shut down gas stations…but Bumbling Joe is running around the country claiming the biggest threat this country is facing is “weather” and “white people.”


What a total joke and the American people see right through this nonsense.

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