[VIDEO] President Trump Just Made His Bravest Statement Yet About 2020 Election

[VIDEO] President Trump Just Made His Bravest Statement Yet About 2020 Election

It’s been roughly six months since the 2020 election and still, the controversy surrounding it seems just as fresh as ever…maybe even more so.


Especially with the audit in Arizona, which is poised to bring lots more to the surface and you can tell that the left is on edge of the cliff, waiting for the results to drop.

It’s wonderful to see that so many conservatives are still ready to fight for the truth and President Trump just said something that’ll really light a fire in many patriot’s hearts.

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During an interview with Real America’s Voice, Trump stated that he never admitted defeat and that he still has not conceded.

Amen. This is a brave leader.

Watch the video:

Trump is certainly in this fight with us and things seem to really be picking up steam as Pennsylvania looks to conduct an audit similar to Arizona.

From The Hill

A top Pennsylvania Republican says he supports an audit of the state’s presidential election results similar to a review being conducted in Arizona, raising the potential for other states to spend taxpayer money investigating former President Trump’s false claims of improprieties and fraud.

Pennsylvania state Sen. David Argall (R), who heads the Senate State Government Committee that has oversight of election administration, told reporters he supports another look at the Pennsylvania results.

“It’s a very careful recount, forensic audit, so yeah, I don’t see the danger in it,” Argall said during a forum with reporters from Spotlight PA, a consortium of media companies from across the state. “I just think that it would not be a bad idea at all to proceed with an audit similar to what they’re doing in Arizona.”


No matter how much the left tries to undermine us, conservatives are still staying strong and pushing ahead.

This is the perseverance we need if we ever hope to win our country back.

Thank you, President Trump, for fighting for our voices.

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