[VIDEO] Trump Rally Crowd Just Invented a New “Chant” For Pelosi

[VIDEO] Trump Rally Crowd Just Invented a New “Chant” For Pelosi

The crowd is gathering tonight in Wellington, Ohio for President Trump’s first official rally since he was removed from office.


There’s a lot of excitement and anticipation in the air!

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The crowds have been lining up for hours and the mood – as always – is festive and feisty.

I gotta say, nobody can come up with better “chants” than MAGA rallygoers…and they didn’t let us down tonight.

As the crowd gathered, waiting for Trump, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan took the stage and started lambasting Nancy Pelosi.


Jordan’s beef with Pelosi is that she’s closed Congress to the public – it’s just another farcical stunt she’s pulled in order to push her phony “armed insurrection” nonsense from January 6th. It’s the only big weapon Dems have right now after COVID has basically been canceled – for now – until they bring it back in time for midterms.

While Jordan was calling out Pelosi, the crowd did something amazing…and something I’ve never seen before, at least not related to her.

They invented a new chant for Nancy – well, not “new” – actually, they took an old standby – the #LockHerUp chant created for another drunken cheat – and used it for Nancy – either way, it was great and oh-so-fitting!

Take a look:

What a great MAGA moment!

I hope Pelosi was sitting at home in her mansion eating her $500 ice cream, and chugging vodka martini’s when she saw it…because you know she’s watching every single moment of the rally.


That drunk old buzzard is obsessed with President Trump.

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