One Sentence in President Trump’s Latest Statement Just Brought the Entire Internet to Its Knees

One Sentence in President Trump’s Latest Statement Just Brought the Entire Internet to Its Knees

If there’s one thing President Trump is good at it (he’s good at so many things), but one especially amazing gift he has is being a showman and knowing how to deliver a punch to get the maximum impact.


Well, that’s what he just did with his latest statement on the absurd decision from Facebook to uphold Trump’s ban.

First of all, we all know exactly why Facebook is doing that – to try and do their part to help Dementia Joe and insulate that old dumb buzzard from criticism and the real truth.

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Well, President Trump spoke out today about the decision, and in the process of ripping Facebook a new one, he literally brought the internet and the entire world to its knees with one line in that statement.


Here’s his entire statement discussing the Facebook decision:

And just in case you missed it….here’s the sentence that has everyone literally going crazy.


“Next time I’m in the White House….” Just those 7 words rocked the world, folks…it’s gonna happen. He’s running again, and I gotta tell you, that’s the Dems biggest nightmare come true and I love it.

A lot of people thought that message was fake or photoshopped. It wasn’t. It’s real.

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“He NEEDS to hurry up and get back there!!!!”

“I censored them. I deleted my Facebook months ago. Hoping for a reasonable replacement at some point.”

“well there’s ur 2024 announcement”

“Okay, it seems to be official. Let’s MAGA 2024!’ 

“well, that should put all the rumors to rest now” 

“delete your Facebook” 

“This is why he’s going to start his own social media…so he can get his message out for 2024. good”

“It’s happening!” 

“Redemption is coming” 

It definitely looks like this was Trump’s subtle way to make it very clear that he will be back home where he belongs.


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