[VIDEO] Tucker Just Confirmed There’s a Chilling Diabolical Plot in the Works to Silence Him

[VIDEO] Tucker Just Confirmed There’s a Chilling Diabolical Plot in the Works to Silence Him

Fox News host Tucker Carlson says that he has confirmed via a government whistleblower that the NSA is spying on him and reading his text messages and emails.


He says that the whistleblower, who has the ranking to “know” this stuff, actually read back to Tucker a series of messages that came from Tucker’s texts and emails.

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The whistleblower goes on to say that that the NSA is collecting the data in order to release it to the public so that they can get Tucker’s show pulled off the air.

This is the most diabolical thing I have ever heard.

It’s official…we are no different than China…we’re actually worse.


You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“They have been doing this for decades and yet nothing is ever done. I’m supposed to believe this country is redeemable and has checks of power?”

“This should absolutely surprise no one but anger everyone!! Been going on way, way to long and with zero consequences..ZERO. At some point the tides of Justice will turn on their heads!!”

“This is supposed to be news?? Of course NSA spies on everyone. Is Tucker forgetting the patriot act?”

“Well of course, they were spying on Trump, they’re spying on every single person they consider a threat. Do you know about Sharyl Attkisson?”

“This is “end of the republic” stuff” 

“Who could doubt that the FBI was in on the so-called insurrection? No one that has followed all the things we’ve learned about this unnecessary and invasive organization should have a shred of doubt.”

“Yikes!! Just like Obama”

“This should scare every American. You could be next.”

This is Chinese/Stalin type stuff right here and the leftist sheep will cheer this on – the same people who burned effigies of Bush over the Patriot Act are now gung-ho for this type of spying and political punishment simply because they don’t like the words that someone else is saying.


Scary, scary times, folks.

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