Many People Are Convinced This 2010 “Operation Lockstep” Video is the “Pandemic Blueprint”

Many People Are Convinced This 2010 “Operation Lockstep” Video is the “Pandemic Blueprint”

There’s a couple of videos going around that have gone viral on social media.


Many people – I’ll call them “conspiracy theorists” – claim the video is the “blueprint” for the “COVID plot.”

As you likely know, a lot of people believe that COVID was used as a bio-weapon to get rid of President Trump and kickstart the “global reset.”

Obviously, there’s no hard proof of that, but people are suspicious nonetheless. And in many cases, you can’t blame them. After all, many people believe that they’re no longer allowed to “wonder” or “ponder” about anything that isn’t “social media” approved. And if they do, they say they’re getting suspended off social media or punished in some way, and called “Q kooks” and other assorted unflattering names.

The issue with this way of dealing with controversy or touchy subjects is that you create conspiracy theories just by the act of trying to silence or censor what people say or how they think. Right or wrong, it’s a natural human reaction to rebel against that type of constrictions, and like it or not, anyone who doesn’t realize this is living in a bubble.

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Just look at the current situation with the Wuhan lab…For about a year now, people on the right have been saying that the virus likely “leaked” from the lab, and the media balked at that and called those people “Q kooks” and the fact-checkers labeled those stories “fake news” and social media removed those posts and videos and in many cases banned people from their platforms over it.

Fast-forward to today, and now suddenly, we’re told that yes, the lab leak theory does hold some water, and the same type of articles that were getting people mocked and banned a few months ago, are now perfectly okay.

It’s a really convoluted, mixed message.

So, as a result of this (and it’s happened a lot over the past 5 or so years), you’ve got a public out there that is very suspicious of the media and fact-checkers, and they believe these groups have a political agenda.

I don’t know if that’s true or not…Personally, I have dealt a lot with “fact-checkers” and I’ve never had a bad experience – I feel they’ve been fair with me. But with that said, I have also heard horror stories from other people. Not to mention, I can take the temperature of the room, and I know that the media and fact-checkers are not “trusted” by folks on the right.

But again, it’s the inconsistency from the media for years now that’s led to a lot of this mistrust and conspiracies.

So, that brings us back to these viral videos about “lockstep,” and the “Rockefeller Playbook.”

People who think there’s a hidden agenda behind the pandemic, believe this is the blueprint for the COVID virus.

Fact-checkers watched the videos and they’ve determined that they have nothing to do with the COVID virus, and that “Lockstep” and “Rockefeller Playbook” have nothing to do with COVID and the entire thing is an internet hoax.

Essentially, fact-checkers are saying these two “plots” do not exist.

In short, USA Today said the following:


We rate these claims as FALSE, based on our research. “The Rockefeller Playbook” and “Operation Lockstep” do not exist. The claim borrows scenarios from “Lock Step,” a section of “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” a report published by the Rockefeller Foundation. The report makes no reference to COVID-19, a vaccine against the disease or plans to introduce a police state during a pandemic.

I encourage you to read more about the USA Today findings here.  They get into a lot of detail.

Below are the two videos that have everyone talking:


I would suggest that you watch the videos and you also read the fact-checkers findings (yes, even if you don’t trust them) and then make a fully informed decision on the content.

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