[VIDEO] Adam Kinzinger Goes From Laughing to Crying in Under 10-Seconds During Jan 6 Hearing

[VIDEO] Adam Kinzinger Goes From Laughing to Crying in Under 10-Seconds During Jan 6 Hearing

Adam Kinzinger is the epitome of a political shmuck.


He knows he’s out with his own party, who literally hates him, so he’s trying to become the “darling” of the left.

It’s a tired old act that we’ve all seen before with other schmucks like Jeff Flake, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Liz Cheney, just to name a few.

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Adam really pulled out all the stops today during the opening of the sham Jan 6th committee hearing.

People might be at home wondering why someone like Adam is going so hard with the left against his own. They wonder why he’d do such a stupid move.


Well, Adam is no dummy.

He can see that he has no future in today’s GOP, so he’s auditioning right now for a pundit spot on MSNBC or CNN.

So, he made sure to really lay it on nice and thick today during the hearing so the powers-that-be over at the fake news could see if he’s phony enough to be on their network.

I think he is!

Adam decided to go for the Acadamy Award today and went from laughing to crying in under 10-seconds.

Remarkable, right?

You can watch the video below:

Here’s another funny one:

As you can imagine, Mr. Kinzinger is getting mocked like crazy.

This parody video here is probably one of the best things you’ll see today:

Here are some of the comments from people online:

“The only people that cried during the “Summer of Love” were working class Americans, as their homes and businesses were destroyed. But they didn’t get on TV. That’s a stunt reserved for wealthy political elites like @AdamKinzinger who had their staplers stolen on January 6th”

“Bet he was practicing in front of a mirror this morning. To be, or not to be …”

“Is there any question now as to why his own family disowned him?”

“Sociopathy is a prerequisite to be one of the cool kids in government.”

“Adam “Laurence Olivier” Kinzinger”

““Oh the horror.. Oh the grief” Insurrection my ass!”

“Maybe consume less soy Adam”

“so fake”

“And the Oscar goes to….” 

“Quick, Cue the Crying America isn’t buying our Script.”

“Crying because this gonna be his last term in Congress.”

The political elites haven’t realized yet that Americans are no longer buying their nonsense and these silly acts that they put on.

January 6th was not an “insurrection.”


And the only real tragedy that happened that day was an unarmed female Trump supporter was shot dead for no apparent reason.

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