AZ State Senator Just Called For a “Redo” of 2020 Election in Her State “I’ve Heard Enough…”

AZ State Senator Just Called For a “Redo” of 2020 Election in Her State “I’ve Heard Enough…”

***UPDATE at bottom of the piece***

Once again the 2020 election is at the center of everything, as many states conduct audits of the controversial election, and also, many states enact much-needed election integrity reform, after a tsunami of mail-in ballots flooded the nation like never before.


As a result of this, tensions are high on both sides of the aisle.

On the right, they see fraud being uncovered and they say this is the “smoking gun.”

But the left sees it and says “meh, it’s not widespread.”

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However, when state lawmakers, who have access to more information and data than “fact-checkers” and “journalists” do, start calling for “new elections” you definitely step up and take notice.

And that’s exactly what’s happening now in Arizona.

State Senator Wendy Rogers says she’s heard enough and she wants Arizona to get it “right.”

Wendy took to Twiter and laid out the issues that she’s personally been privy to and then called on Biden’s electors to be “recalled.”

Here’s what Wendy said in two tweets: “I have heard enough. With the tens of thousands of ballots mailed without being requested, the over ten thousand people who voted after registering after November 3rd, the failure of Maricopa to turn over the 40% machines, the passwords that Dominion still refuses (1/2)


to turn over, & tens of thousands of unauthorized queries demonstrating how insecure the election was, I call for the Biden electors to be recalled to Arizona & a new election must be conducted. Arizona’s electors must not be awarded fraudulently & we need to get this right.

Here are more details:

I don’t know what’s going to happen here, but I can tell you that things are probably going to get even crazier.

Americans who believe their voices were silenced are not just going to let this go – and they shouldn’t.


There should be audits in every state, so we can put all Aameicans’ minds to rest.


I am happy to report that Senator Wendy Rogers is back at it folks. 

You know she called for a new election…well now she wants the old one completely decertified. 

Check it out: 

We need more fighters like Wendy in the swamp! 

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