[VIDEO] BBC Better Sleep With One Eye Open After “Accidentally” Referring to Bill Clinton as a Convicted Rapist…

[VIDEO] BBC Better Sleep With One Eye Open After “Accidentally” Referring to Bill Clinton as a Convicted Rapist…

As you likely know by now, Bill Cosby will be a free man soon, after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court just released him from prison – throwing out his drugging and rape convictions on a rath big “technicality” being blamed on the prosecutor.


NBC News explains what happened.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the indecent assault conviction of Bill Cosby on Wednesday and ordered his release from prison after finding that he was denied protection against self-incrimination.

The court said that a prosecutor’s decision not to charge Cosby, 83, in an earlier case opened the door for him to speak freely in a lawsuit against him, thinking he would not incriminate himself criminally. A second prosecutor later used the lawsuit testimony in a criminal trial, and that testimony was key in his conviction years later.

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The news of Cosby’s release caused a lot of uproar and outrage on both sides of the aisle.

Naturally, the media from all over the world converged in front of the prison where Cosby has been held to report on the story…


And one BBC reporter who was filing a live story on the decision should probably sleep with one eye open from here on out because, in the greatest Freudian slip of all time, the reporter referred to Bill Cosby as “Bill Clinton.”

Hahaha, oh wow, so perfect!

You can watch the video below:



If Hillary catches wind of this, that reporter is toast!

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