Dinesh Savagely Zings Biden and Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles in One Hilarious Tweet

Dinesh Savagely Zings Biden and Olympic Gymnast Simone Biles in One Hilarious Tweet

This year’s Olympics is proving to be one of the biggest flops in recent memory.

These athletes seem to have loss all sense of sportsmanship and have turned into complete self-serving children.


The latest disaster was with Simone Biles, who recently withdrew from the games due to a “mental illness.”


Gymnastics superstar and defending Olympic champion Simone Biles has withdrawn from Thursday’s individual all-around competition at the Tokyo Games to focus on her mental well-being.

The decision comes a day after Biles removed herself from the team final following one rotation, on vault. She cited her mental health as the reason when speaking to the media following the competition.

“After further medical evaluation, Simone Biles has withdrawn from the final individual all-around competition at the Tokyo Olympic Games, in order to focus on her mental health,” USA Gymnastics said in a statement on Wednesday. “We wholeheartedly support Simone’s decision and applaud her bravery in prioritizing her well-being. Her courage shows, yet again, why she is a role model for so many.”

Biles had been the overwhelming favorite to repeat as individual all-around champion. But her status was left in doubt after Tuesday’s outing, and she told the media she wasn’t sure if she would be able to compete on Thursday.

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Of course, we can kind of relate to Simone…

After all, we all know someone who is suffering from a debilitating mental illness that is preventing them from doing their job, right?

Joe Biden.

And that’s exactly what Dinesh put Biden on blast for in this hilarious tweet.

Here’s what he said: Should Biden take a cue from #SimoneBiles and step down from the presidency on account of a mental health breakdown?


The left will surely lose their marbles over this tweet from Dinesh, but the scary part is that he actually makes a lot of sense.

Biden’s mental health seems to be at its lowest point yet and it looks like it’s only a matter of time until he throws in the towel.

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