[VIDEO] Doocy and Biden Get Into Testy Debate and Peter Trips Joe Up…

[VIDEO] Doocy and Biden Get Into Testy Debate and Peter Trips Joe Up…

It doesn’t take a lot to trip up Joe Biden, that’s for sure.


However, what Peter Doocy did in just a few short seconds, was to show the world what a testy fraud and liar Joe Biden really is.

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As you know by now, Joe Biden and his Dem cohorts are pushing yet another mask mandate – telling vaccinated people that they need to “mask up.”

According to Joe, the Delta Variant is so dangerous – so, does the vaccine not work against it? Is that what’s going on?

Well, who really knows. The elites just want to scare us and blame unvaccinated people for this mess they created.


This was Joe just yesterday in Pennsylvania. Does he look scared to you?

But today, you need a mask…confused yet? Most of us are.

So, today, when Peter Doocy was at the White House, he asked Joe Biden a question about his comments back in May, when he told Americans that if they got vaccinated, the masks would end.

And that’s exactly what Peter Doocy asked Joe about … and boy, oh boy, he didn’t like that question.

Doocy tripped him up pretty quickly, and Biden said “I didn’t say that.”

Oh, really Joe? You said it on video, for crying out loud.

Eventually, testy Joe admitted that he did say it, and claimed it was “true” back then.

You can watch the video below:

The entire handling of COVID has been a disaster – and it’s getting so nad mow, that it feels like the Keystone Cops are running this show.


Meanwhile, through all of his, our border is wide open and people are just flooding across.

None of this makes any sense at all.

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