Joe Biden Tries to Wish Americans a “Happy National Ice Cream Day” and It Goes Terribly Wrong

Joe Biden Tries to Wish Americans a “Happy National Ice Cream Day” and It Goes Terribly Wrong

Joe Biden has really gotta be as oblivious as they come.

It’s like he and his team have absolutely zero clues on how the American people perceive him and are trying so desperately to earn him some kind of favorability any way they can.


And their latest stunt has gotta be among one of their most pathetic…

Today is “National Ice Cream Day” and Team Biden just couldn’t resist putting out this cringe-worthy tweet celebrating the occasion…and they probably didn’t realize how badly it would backfire.

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A large portion of the country is still suffering from Biden’s restrictive COVID-19 policies, so this photo of him celebrating ice cream is a huge slap in the face to those who are still suffering.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“You have the brain capacity of a drooling baby. No offense to drooling babies.” 

“Hope you saved the whole $0.16 cents Mr. President”

“11 million families are facing eviction in 13 days”

“Covid cases are up. Forest fires, flooding, heat waves. Gun violence. Police brutality. But go get your ice cream”

“This is pathetic. People are dying, about to be evicted, jobless for months. How dare you!?”

Why does this weirdo love ice cream so much?”

“Honest question, does this old fool do anything besides eat ice cream all day?” 

“I don’t think Joe Biden can eat solid foods” 

“Not my president”

“That ice cream cone got more legal votes than you did” 

“This is like watching your senile gramps get excited for pudding” 

“He’s happy he’s getting Ice Cream related questions! He’s such an expert on those.”

“You have ice cream day every day, at least the past 3 in-person videos I’ve seen of you include ice cream. Get to work.”

“10 million long term unemployed don’t have ice cream money”

“More ice cream pics? What do you even do again?”

“I am so sick of seeing this idiot eating ice cream” 

“I gotta be honest, I’d rather see the mean tweets than these lame ice cream tweets. at least Trump was interesting. This is like sitting in a nursing home watching the residents eat” 

“He’s eating ice cream while I can’t afford to fix my teeth so I can eat ice cream. jerk” 


Biden just keeps digging his favorability deeper and deeper into the hole.

The media’s fake polls won’t be able to save him this time.

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