[VIDEO] Brit Hume Just Dropped a Jan 6th Truth Bomb: “…To a Great Extent It Was Peaceful” 

[VIDEO] Brit Hume Just Dropped a Jan 6th Truth Bomb: “…To a Great Extent It Was Peaceful” 

Brit Hume is a mild-mannered, fact-based analyst.


He’s not one who goes too crazy – he’s very careful with his words and his analysis.

You won’t see Brit engaging in hyperbole.

This is why his analysis of situations usually carries a lot of weight – and he’s very spot-on when he describes to Tucker what really happened on January 6th at the Capitol.

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As you likely know, Pelosi’s sham Jan 6th witch-hunt was rolled out yesterday and it looked and sounded like a poorly-produced daytime soap opera, complete with crying men, and wild stories of “mob racism” with zero video evidence to back it up, even though the Capitol is wired for surveillance inside and out.

Brit’s take – while agreeing that the understaffed Capitol Police were overwhelmed – is that for the most part, the events on January 6th were “mostly peaceful.”

He’s right.

He compared what happened for those 3 hours, versus what we all saw happen for 3 violent months with the “Summer of Love.”

And as Brit points out, many, many people were peacefully milling about inside the Capitol….after being “invited inside.”

In addition, Brit says that the real investigation should be into why the Cap police were so understaffed that day, especially when they knew that hordes of Trump supporters were coming into town.


Well, I think we all know why that happened…

You can watch the video below:

I’ll tell you what’s really infuriating about all of this – is the lack of fight and push back from the majority of the GOP.

They’d rather fight for Cuban folks, than Americans.

Look, I love the Cubans and am rooting for them all the way, but we need to fight the communists in our own country before we can seriously help anyone else.


And as we speak, over 30 Americans are being held as “political prisoners,” and most of the GOP has said NOTHING about that.

That is unacceptable, and nothing else should be pushed and talked about until this issue is properly resolved and these prisoners are back home with their familes.

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