Cali Restaurant Declares They Will Only Serve “Unvaccinated” Customers

Cali Restaurant Declares They Will Only Serve “Unvaccinated” Customers

Joe Biden’s depressing America is more divided than ever.

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It’s kind of ironic since he claimed he’d be the great “unifier” when he was installed.

That’s the same lie Obama pushed as well. Remember that laughable marketing line, “hope and change?”

How’d that work out for everyone?

It seems like every week there’s a new “outage’ dividing the country.

The latest and biggest one is about the vaccine.


Joe Biden and the media are literally browbeating Americans into taking this vax, because of supposed “public safety.”

Okay, but if that was really the case, wouldn’t you have the border closed? Instead, you’re allowing all of these unchecked people to flood in?

How does that make sense?

It doesn’t.

And people see all this hypocrisy and flip-flopping from so-called “scientists” and “experts” and they’re understandably leery…and they’re also sick of the nonsense and they’re fighting back any way they can.

Like this restaurant in Huntington Beach, California, where they say the only way you’ll get served in their establishment is if you can prove you are NOT vaccinated.


LA Times reported that when restaurants across California halted indoor dining as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in March 2020, Basilico’s Pasta e Vino in Huntington Beach continued to welcome patrons.

When officials issued an order for establishments to mandate face coverings to stem the spread of the virus, the Orange County eatery declared itself a mask-free zone and required that diners remove them before entering.

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This week, the Italian restaurant issued another decree: Proof of being unvaccinated is required for entry.

In reality, the restaurant isn’t actually checking for “non-vaccine” status, but they’re definitely making a point about how they feel regarding “mandatory vaccines” and browbeating the public into getting the jab.


Ironically, this restaurant is in the majority.


Americans – all across the political board – believe getting vaccinated is a personal and private choice.


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