[VIDEO] Calls Grow For Pelosi to Release “Supposed Video” of Jan 6 Protesters Calling Officer Dunn “N-Word” 

[VIDEO] Calls Grow For Pelosi to Release “Supposed Video” of Jan 6 Protesters Calling Officer Dunn “N-Word” 

During Yesterday’s kick-off of Pelosi’s sham Jan 6th hearing, her star Witness Harry Dunn claimed that in the heat of the “insurrection” he stopped and told a crowd that he voted for Biden (seems weird), and then said the crowd turned on him and started calling him the “N-word.”


He even went so far as to describe the woman who started the N-word chant – she wearing a “pink MAGA shirt.”


Should be easy enough to find that video clip since the inside and outside of the Capitol are wired for surveillance.

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Also, someone must’ve recorded that moment – 20 some people chanting the N-word – on their phone, right?

So, we need to corroborate what Mr. Dunn said and see the video evidence.


Let’s be honest, a lot of people got a “Jussie Smollett” vibe from this claim – because if something like that actually happened, that video would have been played on a 24/7 loop for the past 7 months.

Calls are now growing for Pelosi to actually release the tape of this supposed event:

“Why won’t @SpeakerPelosi release the video of the crowd of 20 people chanting the N-word at Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn as he testified?”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“if that video is out there release it and if it’s not, arrest Dunn for perjury” 

“She is covering up for white supremacists.”

“Because it doesn’t exist otherwise it would be all over the internet right now.”

“Because 20 undercover FBI agents would be identified.”

“that video is as real as Biden’s legitimate victory”

“Because it doesn’t exist like the piss tape”

“This feels very “jussie smollett” to me” 

“Awful lot of cameras around that plaza…”

“It would appear that every human being in the United States over the age of 10 has a cell phone. There are surveillance cameras everywhere. Ring doorbell’s, drones, red light cameras. But not a clip anywhere to be found when a Trump supporter uses a racial slur.”

“Seems like that would have been a perfect way to drive home the testimony. Video seems to really pack a wallop. Weird they didn’t offer any lol”

“Things that never happened for $1,000,000, Alex.”

“If she had the video she would have shown it. “

“Surely the woman in the pink shirt has been identified.”

“If it was real, it would be rolling on every station 24 hours a day and posted fifty times on every left leaning social media account. Stacey Abrams and AOC would be shouting from podiums about it.”

“If they had a video it would be all over the news and we would hear about it for the next 3 years”

“Because it is being recorded right now. Be patient!”

Clearly, a lot of people don’t buy Mr. Dunn’s story.

And I have to agree – it sounds very suspicious, and in a day and age where everything is on video, to believe that “20 MAGA people” chanting the N-word out in public around zillions of cameras, wouldn’t be on video, is laughingly absurd.


So, unless they cough up a video, I will say this guy is the next Jussie Smollett.

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