Olympic Swimmer With “Glory To God Alone” Swim Cap Wins Gold and Breaks World Record

Olympic Swimmer With “Glory To God Alone” Swim Cap Wins Gold and Breaks World Record

The Olympics have been a total disaster.


From the “woke” vibe to the entitled spoiled athletes and the draconian COVID stuff, many people don’t feel good about these Olympics and the ratings are suffering big time.

Americans don’t care to sit around and watch a bunch of spoiled, entitled jerky “political athletes” complain about a country that has given them so much.

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Especially on the world stage, when so many other athletes actually know what real suffering is. It’s embarrassing on so many levels.

But today I have a great story for you, and it involves an athlete from South Africa who I know you’ll love.

Her name is Tatjana, and she’s an amazing swimmer, but her main love in life is her faith and God, and she’s been putting both on blast at the Olympics.

Tatjana wears a swim cap that reads “Soli Deo Gloria,” which is a Latin term that means “Glory to God alone.”


Well, her wonderful and refreshing attitude has been rewarded – not only did she win gold, but she also broke the world record.


Here’s the moment she found out she won the gold and also broke the world record. Amazing.

It’s great to see someone like THIS win.

Daily Wire reported that a South African swimmer with a “Soli Deo Gloria” swim cap won Olympic gold after breaking the world record for the women’s 200-meter breaststroke.

Twenty-four-year-old Tatjana Schoenmaker completed the race with a time of 2 minutes and 18.95 seconds — breaking the previous world record of 2 minutes and 19.11 seconds set by Denmark’s Rikke Moller Pedersen in 2013. American swimmers Lilly King and Annie Lazor — who clinched silver and bronze — rushed to embrace Schoenmaker in the water while she wept in disbelief.
“I wasn’t expecting that at all,” said Schoenmaker after her race. “It couldn’t have been a better race. It still just doesn’t sink in; maybe one day.”

“It’s just an incredible swim,” Lazor said of Schoenmaker. “That world record has been standing for a little bit too long, I think. So to see someone finally crack 2:19, we’ve all been working towards that I think, to see someone like her do it, she’s just a great person, just to be there and experience that with someone is something that you’ll really never forget.”



These are the kind of “feel-good” Olympic stories that make everyone feel good.

We love to see someone who is humble, and so steeped in faith, win big.

Gloy to God, indeed.

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