Former HGTV Star Says She’s “Double Vaccinated” and Very Sick With COVID Right Now…

Former HGTV Star Says She’s “Double Vaccinated” and Very Sick With COVID Right Now…

A strange phenomenon took the front and center spot around the time those Texas Dems boarded their private plane with a few cases of Miller Lite and headed for the DC Swamp.


Suddenly, this “Delta Variant” became the top story online and in the news.

We found out that 5 of the vaccinated Texas Dems had come down with COVID. These cases are called “breakthrough cases” and “scientists” told us that they’re the more contagious “Delta Variant.”

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And since that time, it seems like it’s all we hear about.

Everyone and their bother is catching the “dreaded” Delta Variant now – and it’s supposedly so bad, that the Biden admin wants mask mandates put back in place and might even consider lockdowns again.

It all sounds a little weird, right?

More coinky dinks.


Well, it turns out that the latest victim of the “Delta Variant” is none other than former HGTV and “Trading Spaces” star Genevieve Gorder, who says she was “double vaxxed.”

Page Six reported that Genevieve Gorder revealed she is currently battling COVID-19. The 42-year-old interior designer shared that she was on “day 5” of the virus on social media, along with a selfie of herself in bed. Gorder added that she received a double dose of the Pfizer vaccine in March but still contracted the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

“As a kid with asthma, an adult with autoimmune, covid was not something I took lightly,” Gorder captioned her photo. “In fact, we were more careful than anyone I knew. But here I am after being double vacc’d in March (Pfizer).”

She added, “And guys, Delta is a b*#•h!”

The following day, Gorder, who has asthma and two autoimmune diseases, said that she was feeling “better” while sharing more details about how the virus is affecting her physically.

“Nights are bad, lotta upper respiratory coughing,” Gorder, best known for being part of the “Trading Spaces” cast, said in an Instagram video.

“I’m constantly running at a 99.5-100 fever,” she added. “I have not had a lot of energy, but I know I’m gonna be okay.”

In both posts, Gorder urged her 177k followers to get the vaccine because she feels that being vaccinated saved her life — especially due to having a compromised immunity.

The bigger question now is, did she catch that strain, or did the vaccine cause it within her body.


That’s the question that many people are asking right now.

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