Watch: Many Americans Turned Off By US Swim Team’s Reaction to Jill Biden…

Watch: Many Americans Turned Off By US Swim Team’s Reaction to Jill Biden…

The Olympics suck.


And this is not fun for me to say – because ever since I was a little girl, I have loved watching the Olympics from start to finish.

But not anymore. Thanks to all the “activist athletes,” who have ruined it for everyone with their “social justice” garbage, I don’t want to watch.

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And I know I’m not alone.  It’ll be interesting to see what the ratings are like.

But people are just tired of the progressive social justice stuff and the politics.

We just came off a very controversial election, where a large swath of the American public doesn’t believe it was “legit.”

Of course, people are suspicious – our election was inundated with a literal Tsunami of mail-in ballots.

So, the nation is understandably divided down the middle and any mention of “politics” sets off a firestorm of emotions.


And that’s what happened today at the Olympics when the US swim team went “bonkers” for Jill Biden and started an actual “chant” for her.

You can watch the video below:


Here’s what people online are saying:

“ZERO medals on Day 1….first time since 1972 for Summer Olympics…..maybe they should spend more time on their events and less time on politics and protesting the country that is paying their bills.”

“This chant makes me sick, because you know they would’ve booed Melania”

“Here is another section of the US Olympic Team that I hope leaves empty-handed.”

“Real PhD holding doctors find this very offensive. I should know.”

“Sorry, but after this, I hope they all lose”

“Screw Dr. Adulteress and her demented husband Sniffy.”

“Dr. Evil”

“A Fake Doctor for our Fake Times.”

“Disgusting inappropriate political chant for a disgusting woman from disgusting indoctrinated chanters.”

“A cordial and respectful clap would have been appropriate. This is just more athlete activism on display” 

“I wont watch the woketard Olympics. but It’s fun watching NBC’s bank account drain.”

“Somebody remind me, what was the “doctors” margin of victory when she was elected to the office of co-president?”


What do you think about the swim team’s reaction?

Did that bother you, or do you think it’s okay?

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