Here’s the “Suicide Letter” Authorities Say They Found in John McAfee’s Pocket…You Be The Judge…

Here’s the “Suicide Letter” Authorities Say They Found in John McAfee’s Pocket…You Be The Judge…

John McAfee’s widow has posted what she says is a “fake” suicide note that authorities claim they found in her late husband’s pocket.


The letter is hard to read, in terms of the handwriting and all the scribbles.

But, the basic vibe of the letter is this:

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“I am a phantom parasite. I want to control my future, which does not exist.”

New York Post reported that his wife, Janice McAfee, who tweeted out a photo of the note, wrote: “The handwriting is suspect & I doubt the authenticity of the note. It reads more like someone trying to imitate John’s style of tweeting.

“And if this note was found in his pocket where are the markings of the note being folded into his pocket?” she added.


“This note does not sound anything like someone who has no hope and is contemplating ending their life. This note sounds like one of John’s tweets,” she said in another tweet.



The odd thing about the letter is how he didn’t say “goodbye” to his beloved wife.

Although, not doing the “normal” or “expected” thing is part of who John McAfee – we can’t discount what an eccentric kook McAfee could be at times. He was a bit of a “wild card.”

I saw this comment from an online user, and I thought it was very thoughtful and likely spot-on.

“He was an exceptional intellect, probably over 150 IQ. He was also a slave to drugs, sex and most definitely had some severe mental issues.

Was he killed?

It is most definitely plausible, for a plethora of reasons. Could he have killed himself? Absolutely. He was bonkers.

Until further evidence comes out, I’ll stick with assassination. The government is run by communists. Communists are mass murderers by default; history bears this out.”

We may never know what really happened, or if there was anything nefarious going on.


It’s thanks to situations like Jeffrey Epstein and a lot of distrust of “government officials” that have people suspicious, and ready to believe a conspiracy theory right out of the gate.

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