Matt Damon Seems Genuinely Shocked to Discover Trump Supporters Are “Nice People”

Matt Damon Seems Genuinely Shocked to Discover Trump Supporters Are “Nice People”

While researching a new role where he plays a “conservative oil rigger” type who travels to France after his daughter is accused of murdering her roommate, Matt Damon went and lived with Trump supporters in order to “learn their ways.”


The movie is basically a spin on the Amanda Knox story because Hollywood can’t seem to come up with anything new or fresh these days.

While Damon was sequestered with the “enemy,” he discovered something unbelievable…

Trump supporters are actually “humans” and nice people.

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Western Journal reported that Damon, a professional actor, needed to live with Trump supporters to get the role down. In a news conference at the premiere of “Stillwater” in France at the Cannes Film Festival, Damon said he spent an “absolutely critical” amount of time with MAGA folk.

His conclusion? They “don’t apologize for who they are,” but they were still “wonderful to us.” Sure, they had goatees and sunglasses and sang strange “church songs,” but they were somehow human beings.


“Being invited into their homes, into a backyard barbecue, a guitar comes out and they start singing church songs. It’s a very specific place. And very different to where I grew up,” Damon said at a news conference after the Thursday red carpet premiere of “Stillwater,” according to Reuters.

“It was really eye-opening for me.”



These people live in a bubble and they prove every single day why they should not be speaking out on any matters that involve or impact everyday Americans.

They’re utterly clueless and useless when it comes to “average Americans.”


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