At Long Last, Gretchen Whitmer Finally Gets What’s Coming to Her…

At Long Last, Gretchen Whitmer Finally Gets What’s Coming to Her…

Being that I’m from Michigan, I have been on an up and down rollercoaster when it comes to actually holding Gretchenm Whitmner responsible for her tyrannical overreach during the COVID mess.


There have been a lot of rumors that the “clampdown” would happen, but Gretchen just kept steamrolling all of us.

It was like she was invincible, or something.

At one point, I pretty much gave up on her being reined in, or even impeached…and given the state of the “election” situation in Michigan, I began thinking she’d never be voted out either.

And like many other Michiganders, I was just fed up with the Republican government that seemed “afraid” to take on Whitmer and hold her accountable.

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But now, it looks like that’s about to change…

And yes, yes, yes,  I know we’ve all said this before, but this time it actually seems as if Whitmer will finally get what’s been coming to her.

Red State reported that Michigan might soon have some checks and balances restored to its legislature over a year after the current governor of the state overstepped her authority. The really awesome part of this is that the law she abused will be taken off the books for good without a veto threat and no governor in the future will be able to use it. That is a good thing, no matter if it is a Democrat or a Republican in the governor’s mansion, and will prevent the people of Michigan from getting abused.


Back in March of 2020, the 49th governor of Michigan, in reaction to COVID-19 being blared as the greatest threat since the last greatest threat we faced, used a rare law to basically shut the state down. The Emergency Powers of the Governor Act of 1945 gives the Guv. superpowers to protect the citizens from things we would normally do on an everyday basis. Here is the wording of the 1945 act…

Section 1 of article 5 of the Michigan Constitution of 1963 vests the executive power of the State of Michigan in the governor.

The Emergency Powers of the Governor Act of 1945, 1945 PA 302, as amended, MCL 10.31 et seq., provides that “[d]uring times of great public crisis, disaster, rioting, catastrophe, or similar public emergency within the state . . . the governor may proclaim a state of emergency and designate the area involved.” MCL 10.31(1). The state of emergency ceases “upon declaration by the governor that the emergency no longer exists.” MCL 10.31(2).

These powers can be extended but ONLY if the governor gets the legislature’s approval after 28 days. Whitmer, at the end of April of 2020, decided she didn’t need the legislature’s approval anymore and just ended the previous emergency declaration and then signed a new one good for the next 28 days.

She is a crafty one, isn’t she?!


Here’s how it all went down:

From Detroit Free Press:

A law that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer used extensively to address the coronavirus pandemic could be repealed as early as next week, after the Board of State Canvassers certified a petition drive Tuesday.

The board voted 3-0, with one of two Democratic board members absent, to certify the Unlock Michigan petition to repeal the Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945.

Earlier, the board deadlocked 2-2, along partisan lines, on whether to certify the legislative initiative. But Unlock Michigan appealed to the Michigan Supreme Court and the court ordered the board to certify, saying the group had clearly collected more than the just over 340,000 valid signatures required by state law.

The group “Unlock Michigan” collected over 300,000 signatures to demand the Michigan State legislature REPEAL the 1945 law that Whitmer had originally used.

God Bless those people because up until now, those of us in Michigan have felt as if we were screaming into the wind and nobody was hearing us.


Also, I now see the little scam Gretchen pulled with the “28 days” trick, and now it makes more sense how she kept going and going, even though she was supposedly “stripped” of her powers.

Man, this woman has been like the Wicked Witch of the MidWest…but finally, I think we found a bucket of water we can toss on her…

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