[VIDEO] This Newsmax Reporter is The Biggest Thorn in Lori Lightfoot’s Side…

[VIDEO] This Newsmax Reporter is The Biggest Thorn in Lori Lightfoot’s Side…

As we all know, Chicago is a place that’s absolutely overflowing with violence.

And despite her pathetic efforts, Lori Lightfoot is practically drowning in crime and the numbers just continue to grow.


But Lori will still continue to throw cold water on it in any way she can, and this lie she just told to a Newsmax reporter has gotta be her most desperate move yet.

This reporter definitely seemed to get under Lightfoot’s skin – for the secnd time – and she actually claimed that Chicago didn’t have race riots last summer.

I mean, what alternate universe is she living in?

Watch the video:


Did this woman completely forget the riots surrounding George Floyd’s death last year?


From The Washington Post

In Portland, Ore., protesters set fire to the police union headquarters. In Chicago, hundreds of young people responded to reports of a police-involved shooting by looting downtown stores. And after another weekend of unrest in America, President Trump responded on Monday by suggesting that National Guard troops were the solution to a situation that had grown “out of control.”

Tensions have escalated again in two of the country’s most combustible cities following a relative lull in protest violence after the Trump administration pulled back federal agents in Portland and appeared to back down from its threat to widely deploy agents elsewhere.

The weekend’s events show that America’s long, hot summer of street protests and violence is not over, and Trump — who has built his reelection campaign on images of cities on fire and fears of criminals — is aiming to capitalize.

Nice try Lori, but not everyone is this oblivious to the facts.


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