[VIDEO] Rep Boebert Takes a Dig at Pelosi and The Floodgates Opened

[VIDEO] Rep Boebert Takes a Dig at Pelosi and The Floodgates Opened

Rep Boebert likes to get into the thick of things and mix stuff up.


And she’s always down to be a thorn in Pelosi’s side….and today she did just that when she opened the DC flood gates by sharing a video clip of Pelosi calling Kevin McCarthy a “moron” for not supporting her new House mask mandate.


The clip got a lot of buzz – especially when Lauren shared it because just like Marjorie Taylor Greene, the left absolutely hates Lauren.

Lauren took a nice jab at Biden’s laughable calls for “unity,” by asking Pelosi this:

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“Is this more of that unity that Joe Biden keeps talking about?”

You can watch the video below:

Now, we could have left it at that, and it would have been a great story – but it gets better because the flood gates opened on ol’ Pelosi.

During her routine presser Pelosi was asked about calling McCarthy a “moron,” and she denied it.

Say what?

Pelosi must’ve caught whatever Joe has because she doesn’t remember saying McCarthy was a “moron”…

In actuality, the Dems are just so shameless and believe they are beholden to nobody, that all they do is lie.

Either that or she really is just as senile as Joe.


Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“She sounds like a crazy old witch” 

“she looks and sounds like a batty old lady who should be feeding pigeons in the courtyard of a mental institution.”

“Bombed on vodka at 10am. Doesn’t remember what she said an hour prior.”

“When The Simpsons’ Crazy Cat Lady goes into politics.”

“Too much Botox froze her brain.”

“She seems drunk I bet that’s straight vodka”

“These idiots just made stuff up and are calling it science. Actual science goes against everything they believe in”

“Everything is “science” unless Pelosi needs a hair cut”

“she’s probably so drunk she can’t remember calling McCarthy a moron” 

“Science science science vodka vodka vodka is what I heard”

“We all know that Frank Luntz did not appreciate her speaking that way about his boyfriend.”

“Pigeons should be feeding Pelosi!”


Somebody should show Nancy how “video” works.

Maybe they can sit her down during her next Happy Hour.

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