Watch: 48 Hours Later, and New Video Shows Pelosi May Have Already Violated Her New Mask Mandate

Watch: 48 Hours Later, and New Video Shows Pelosi May Have Already Violated Her New Mask Mandate

The people who are telling you to be scared of COVID, don’t seem very scared of COVID.


If they were, you’d never see them breaking their own mask mandates – yet, all last year, that’s all we saw. COVID-pushing elites on both sides of the aisle, mask-free when they thought the cameras were off and photographers were not around.

Stuff like that has led to an overall distrust from the American public about the so-called “science” and believing what these charlatans say.

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You remember back in the heat of the pandemic when Nancy Pelosi went mask-free to her salon to get her hair done, while the rest of America was told to stay home and give themselves “homemade” haircuts. Lori Lightfoot and many other Dems were caught doing the same thing.

So, it’s hard to sell “hysteria” to critically thinking people, when the elites and media personalities don’t seem the least bit worried.

And that brings us to Pelosi’s recent mask mandate that she’s enacted for the House – everyone – even the fully vaccinated are to be masked up again – she even instructed her Capitol Police buddies to “arrest” people violating the mandate.


Well, during a cute little photo op with several other masked-up people, Pelosi took off her mask, seeming to violate her own mandate.

Rules for thee, not me?

Something we’ve all come accustomed to seeing.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Lock her up!”

“Everyone knows the camera flash repels Covid”

“You can tell she feels uncomfortable wearing it. Almost as if she never wears it.”

“Where’s the Capitol police?”

“rules for thee, not for me”

“I believe we have a covid violation in progress, all units swarm!”

“You can’t get COVID if you are getting your picture taken. You didn’t know that LOL” 

“Do as i say not as i do peasants”

“Rules are for the great unwashed masses. Not the Great Ruling Classes in Nancy’s world order.”

Our elite ruling class doesn’t realize that this type of stuff that we’ve been watching for over a year now, has eroded not only our faith and trust in our so-called “leaders,” but it’s also created a ton of confusion with this virus and a lot of conspiracy theories as well.


In addition, if this virus was as bad as they say it is, why isn’t the border closed?

We have tens of thousands of people coming over the border – and what are the COVID testing protocols and where can we see that info?

Local and state officials are saying that people riddled with COVID are being dumped into US cities and “resettled.”

But I’m supposed to believe Dems and the media when they tell me that I have to “mask-up” to save my 87-year-old neighbor?

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