[VIDEO] Rep Cawthorn Wants Jill Biden Called Out For “Elder Abuse”

[VIDEO] Rep Cawthorn Wants Jill Biden Called Out For “Elder Abuse”

Did you watch the CNN Town Hall last week?


It was horrific.

Joe Biden’s mental health appears to be skidding out of control.

If you thought the G7 Summit was bad, where he was wandering around a cafe, and had to be escorted out by Jill was bad, this mess on CNN was even worse.

Joe went a full story 25 or so seconds, where he literally couldn’t think straight or form a coherent sentence. And no, it wasn’t a “childhood stutter.”  I don’t know what it was, but if I had to guess, I’d say Alzheimer’s.

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Whatever it was, it was horrible to watch, even if you dislike Joe Biden – as most of us do – nobody with any humanity in their souls wants to watch some elderly old man literally lose his faculties on live TV…especially when he’s supposedly the “president.”

What’s truly stunning is how our press just ignores that this is happening – which makes them even more of a joke and less trustworthy.

Fake news isn’t just about what you say – it’s also about what you don’t say, and the American people can see what’s going on.

And at some point, Joe’s mental state becomes a national security issue – but Rep Cawthorn thinks it’s also an “elder abuse” issue.


And he’s correctly pointing the finger at Jill Biden, who has to be some kind of evil, power-crazed watch, to allow her husband to make a fool of himself and his country on the national and world stage.

You can watch the video below:

Rep Cawthorn is too gentle.

In my humble opinion, Jill Biden (and all the other Handlers) should actually be charged with “elder abuse.”

Joe Biden is a fail, mentally incapacitated old man, who should be under a blanket in a memory care ward, not in the White House, and shame on her and the others for allowing this embarrassing circus to go on.


It’s disgusting and it says all you need to know about her character and the character of those controlling Joe.

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