[VIDEO] AZ Republican Booed So Brutally at Trump’s Rally, She Had to Leave the Stage 

[VIDEO] AZ Republican Booed So Brutally at Trump’s Rally, She Had to Leave the Stage 

I am not sure why Michelle Ugenti was invited to “warm-up” the Trump audience in Arizona. Someone wasn’t thinking clearly when they made that move.


The people of AZ can’t stand her – they think she’s a total RINO…and let me tell you, the audience let her know LOUD and clear what they thought of her.

But why was the crowd so mad?

I’ll give you the quick back story:

Michelle is running for Arizona secretary of state. She’s currently a sitting state Senator.

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But she’s got a problem. A big problem…

Recently Michelle landed herself in the crosshairs of Trump supporters and people who are working hard to get election integrity in place in AZ when she blocked an election reform “wish list” of Arizona Republicans…and let me tell you, people were understandably livid.

So, when Michelle took the stage at Trump’s rally to “warm-up” the crowd, and acted as if everything was hunky-dory and announced he was running for secretary of state, the crowd lost it – they let her know she doesn’t stand a chance – in the most brutal way possible.


They booed her so loudly, that she finally gave up and just walked off stage.


You can watch the video below:

Well, let this be a message to RINOs who don’t back Trump and who aren’t America First – you are not welcome and you will no longer be “humored” or given a pass.


I think Michelle got the message, don’t you?

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