Actor Rob Schneider Might Be The Last Sane Man Left in Hollywood…and He’s Pissing Off Everyone…

Actor Rob Schneider Might Be The Last Sane Man Left in Hollywood…and He’s Pissing Off Everyone…

Rob Schneider is definitely a rare breed in Hollywood.


He just went against the norm and absolutely shredded the vaccine in a barn-burner of a tweet.

Rob was responding to a tweet from former CBS journalist Sheryl Attkisson, who was lamenting over the idea of a third vaccine shot.

Here’s what Sheryl said: “Is it already time for a 3rd Covid-19 shot? Yes, say vaccine makers. (The first ones are already ‘wearing off after 6 months’).”

And here was Rob’s response:

“Just say no…
And keep saying no…
Over Half of the US population is continuing to say no to this unapproved experimental gene therapy!
“My body, my choice!”

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Of course, the left is absolutely losing their marbles over this and:

“My God, have you always been this stupid or has Fox warped your brain?”

“Just say no to Rob Schneider and his paranoid delusions. This guy sounds like he belongs in rubber room.”

“It’s not gene therapy. Nothing happens to your genes. If you have to lie to people to convince them to be afraid of something, you probably actually do know that it’s safe.”

“Your daughter is pregnant. You dont want to protect your new grandchild? That’s incredibly selfish”

“You don’t love people if you are killing people, Rob Schneider. BAD human.”

“It really is sad & embarrassing that you & so many others are choosing to be so ignorant when medical information about COVID & the vaccine are available. Encouraging others to Not get vaccinated against a highly contagious virus is irresponsible & shameful.”


Rob Schneider is definitely going to get some grief from his fellow Hollywood colleagues on this message.

But that’s why you’ve gotta respect the risk that he’s taking by making these comments.

It’s obviously something he personally believes in.

This is America  – we all have different opinions and that should be allowed and okay.

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