Anti-Trump Female Mayor Just Busted for Cocaine, Charged With Child Endangerment, and Gun Felony

Anti-Trump Female Mayor Just Busted for Cocaine, Charged With Child Endangerment, and Gun Felony

It doesn’t pay to be a Tump-hater or a Democrat nowadays.

Seems like the party of love, tolerance, and great morals are getting arrested an awful lot.

And nowhere is that more apparent than with the former Trump-hating mayor of Rochester, New York.

This woman and her criminal husband will likely be spending the next decade or two in the slammer.

There’s so much fraud going on with this couple, that I had to read it all twice, just to grasp what’s really going on here.

From what I gather, this all started with campaign finance fraud charges and then went into a cocaine bust, that transformed into child endangerment and felony gun charges.

The campaign finance charges against Mayor Lovely (who apparently isn’t “lovely” at all) came in October of 2020.

Democrat and Chronicle reported that Mayor Lovely Warren has been indicted on two felony campaign finance charges, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley announced Friday.

The first charge is for first-degree scheme to defraud; the second is an election law offense for illegally coordinating activities and expenditures.

The grand jury indictment is connected to Warren’s 2017 mayoral re-election campaign. Warren has adamantly refused any wrongdoing in the matter.

Those are the “newest” charges against the pair.

And then came the new charges…

Daily Wire reported that embattled Democrat Mayor Lovely Warren was hit with numerous criminal charges on Friday, related to firearms and child endangerment. A grand jury indicted Warren and husband Timothy Granison this week, after a cocaine bust at the couple’s residence in May.

“Both are charged with criminal possession of a firearm, a felony, and two counts each of endangering the welfare of a child and failure to lock/secure firearms in a dwelling, both misdemeanors; according to a statement from the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office,” the Democrat & Chronicle reported Friday.

Back in May, the mayor’s home was raided in connection to a major seven-month-long drug investigation. Granison was arrested and hit with two drug charges and one gun charge.

You can watch the video below:

Is it any wonder that Dems want to “defund the police?” They’re probably trying to protect themselves from going to jail.


This couple here is like the “Bonnie and Clyde” of progressive politics.

I hope they throw the book at these two dangerous, criminal bums.

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