[VIDEO] What’s Happening Right Now in Sarasota Ahead of Trump’s Rally Will Scare Dems Straight…

[VIDEO] What’s Happening Right Now in Sarasota Ahead of Trump’s Rally Will Scare Dems Straight…

President Trump is a rockstar.


The man who supposedly “lost” the 2020 election has a TON more visible support than the guy who we’re told won the most votes in the history of the country.

Ha ha ha. Hilarious stuff.

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How does that work? Doesn’t seem possible, right?

The guy with the biggest historic win in the history of our nation has literally NO “visible” support. The only “support” we see is with these goofy polls.

767% approval rating!! lol 

Nobody stands in the streets to wave as Joe’s motorcade goes by. Nobody lines up to hear him speak. Hell, they don’t even watch his stuff online – but we’re to believe Joe has the most successful and powerful political movement of all time?


Give me a break. Nobody seriously believes that nonsense.

Meanwhile, President Trump is creating RED WAVES all over the nation.

And speaking of “red waves” have you seen the crowd for Trump’s Sarasota rally tonight? They’ve been lined up in the rain for over 10 hours now.

Dems have to be literally shaking in their commie boots right now.

Check it out:

Joe Biden couldn’t get 1/3 of this crowd, even if he offered them $1000 bucks and an ice cream cone.

There’s no denying it, President Trump is the true beloved “leader” of this country, and all the fake polls and fluffy media pieces can’t change that.


The truth is easy to see…

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