US Gymnast Gets Really Entitled and “Bratty” in Recent Tweet and Infuriates Americans 

US Gymnast Gets Really Entitled and “Bratty” in Recent Tweet and Infuriates Americans 

The Olympics has officially jumped the shark.

They’ve been filled with plenty of eye roll inducing events over the years, but this latest one definitely takes the cake.


US gymnast Sunisa Lee is facing tons of backlash after she put out this indignant statement after her and her team received silver medals, proclaiming that “we do not owe anyone a gold medal.”

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Does Sunisa not understand what an Olympic team is?

You are by definition representing the country you’re from, not yourself.

Well, social media was quick to tell this entitled athlete what’s what:

“Not doing anything for the USA, just yourselves.”

“this makes me sick. I can’t stand any of these athletes.”

I am done with all sports, these athelets are insufferable jerks” 

“The thing is, it’s not about you, it’s about what you represent. If doing it for you, then you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. You are representing a country on a world stage, not yourself. What your team REPRESENTS is bigger than YOU. Very individualistic mind set.”

This generation is a total mess.

“You absolutely do owe this country a gold. When you chose to compete/represent this country, you agreed to give your best for this country and then to say you don’t owe anyone gold is the most arrogant/rude statement! Giving your best is all that matters”

“I totally agree that it’s a competition and you did your best, but to say that “you did it for yourselves” is very arrogant and incorrect. No you didn’t. One of the relevance of the Olympics is being able to represent your country. Please come back again”

“The stuff I hear from this woke athletes amaze me, what the hell does it mean to be a WINNER in your heart. if you had already in your heart, why bother going to the Olympics. you set of athletes say the most darndest things online.?


Looks like the “woke” culture has officially infiltrated the Olympics gymnastics team.

We can thank Lebron James and Kolin Kaepernick for this entitled attitude.

Those two have literally ruined all sports.

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