You Won’t Believe it…Those Jinxed Texas Dems Just Took Another Brutal Hit…

You Won’t Believe it…Those Jinxed Texas Dems Just Took Another Brutal Hit…

In the scheme of “Karma backlash” I really thought Chrissy Teigen was the reigning champ, but I’m starting to think it’s these Texas Democrats.


It seems like this group of wayward buffoons is getting symbolically macked in the face with a new “karma shovel” every day.

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This “Swamp trip” has got to go down as the worst “PR stunt” in history. It’s the gift of doom that just keeps on giving.

From the public backlash to threats of jail and being forced to pay back taxpayers to COVID-positive tests, I am guessing that these commies wish they just would’ve stayed home.

And if they didn’t have regrets before, they do now, because once again, things just got a lot worse for the “fugitive” Dems.

Instead of 3 of these vaccinated ding-a-lings having COVID, now FIVE total have tested positive.

What a mess.

That’s right, two more Dems just tested positive for the Rona.

Now, if I was a conspiracy theorist – which I’m not – I’d say that the “vaccinated” Dems contracting COVID so publicly, will be used to push this “Delta variant” narrative, create more fear,  and push a “booster” vaccine.

See how strong this Delta Variant is? It can’t be stopped by the fist vaccine. You need the booster shot, or you will DIIIIEEEEEE” 

Or something like that…


It feels like a mixture of “karma and coordination” all rolled up into one.

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