[VIDEO] Presisdent Tump Just Came Up With a Perfect New Name For The “Green New Deal”

[VIDEO] Presisdent Tump Just Came Up With a Perfect New Name For The “Green New Deal”

If there’s one thing Trump doesn’t do is mince words.

And during his appearance at the Turning Point Action Rally, he absolutely tore into the Green New Deal…although he definitely didn’t refer to it as a “deal.”


President Trump came with the best new name for the “Green New Deal” that you’ll ever see – I think it’s really fitting.

You can watch the video below:

Here are some of the comments from people online:

“There is no such thing as “green energy” The only thing “green” in the Green New Deal is the money Oh…and the socialists’ envy”

“The Democrats are using this GND to push through their communist agenda” 

“People laughed at this green new deal, and parts are funny, but trust me, the communists will push it through” 

“They don’t want us peasants BBQing, eating meat, or living in houses over 200 sq feet.”

“Once again, Trump nails it. This isn’t about energy conservation, it’s about control” 

“The left is so out of touch with middle America and this green bullshit is proof of that” 

“Urbanites love this. they love the idea of eating bugs and living in pods” 

I saw this meme online after Trump’s rally.

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It doesn’t get any more plain and simple than that.

The Green New Deal is indeed a load of b.s.

It’s honestly just another way for the liberal elite to dictate how we peasants should live.


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