What Trump Just said About Latest GA Election News Will Likely Have Liberal Heads Exploding

What Trump Just said About Latest GA Election News Will Likely Have Liberal Heads Exploding

Things are really heating up in Georgia.


An independent/non-partisan election group has uncovered fraud, and everyone is talking about it.

The right says it’s the “smoking gun” that proves Trump won the state, and the left says it’s nothing, and “fact-checkers” and “journalists” immediately jumped in to say there is no “widespread voter fraud.”

At any rate, that’s where everything stands now – as usual, it’s left vs right…and the left is fit to be tied that any of these “audits” are going on, to begin with…which is weird.

If you have the most “popular politician” in US history, who won the most votes of all time, wouldn’t you be thrilled to have your numbers verified?

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Well, President Trump isn’t wasting any time taking his victory lap, and by how divided this nation is, I can only imagine that his latest statement on Georgia will have the left’s heads exploding.

Western Journal reported that President Donald Trump, who has supported several state audits of the 2020 presidential election due to numerous reported instances of voter fraud throughout the nation, welcomed a report brought by VoterGA on Wednesday.

VoterGA, which stands for “Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia,” is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group based out of Georgia. VoterGA is a party listed on a lawsuit disputing the results of the Nov. 3, 2020, election in Fulton County, Georgia.

“Fulton County’s hand count audit of the November 3rd 2020 election was riddled with massive errors and provable fraud,” a Tuesday news release from the group stated. The organization noted that members of its data team discovered “923 of 1539 mail-in ballot batch files contained votes incorrectly reported in Fulton’s official November 3rd 2020 results.”


“The error reporting rate in Fulton’s hand count audit is a whopping 60%,” VoterGA said.

The organization further stated that one kind of error its investigators encountered was duplicate results reporting for ballots. According to the news release, “at least 36 batches of mail-in ballots with 4,255 total extra votes were redundantly added into Fulton Co. audit results for the November election.”

Here’s Trump’s statement:

“The news coming out of Georgia is beyond incredible. The hand recount in Fulton County was a total fraud! They stuffed the ballot box — and got caught. We will lose our Country if this is allowed to stand,” Trump said in response to the news, according to a released statement.

“]I]n Fulton County the hand recount was wrong by 60%; 100,000 tally sheets for ballots were missing; they duplicated thousands of extra votes for Joe Biden.”

If you listen closely, you can hear liberal heads exploding, even as we speak.

But in all seriousness, the left is very perturbed by this, and the idea that there will be other audits, possibly in PA, down the road…so much so, that they even dragged Joe Biden out of bed and had him give a literally crazy slurring speech in Pennsylvania about how “voter ID” is the worst thing to happen to this country since the Civil War.


Clearly, the left is having a meltdown over not only audits but all the election integrity bills that are being passed – which is odd, since the vast majority of Americans actually favor voter ID.

It’s one of the only “bipartisan” issues in the country…so why is the left so mad?

We know why, don’t we…yes, yes, we do.

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