[VIDEO] This Trump Supporter Says FBI Informant Invited and “Encouraged” Him to Attend Jan 6 Riot  

[VIDEO] This Trump Supporter Says FBI Informant Invited and “Encouraged” Him to Attend Jan 6 Riot  

Remember that so-called “plot” to kidnap and kill Governor Whitmer of Michigan?


Well, if that sounded a bit “off” to you from the get-go, that’s because it was.

It turns out that the FBI basically entrapped a few idiot “meth-heads” into that whole goofy scheme – there were more agents than bad guys.

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So, as Dinesh says, we’re now left to wonder what else the FBI is doing to try and make “right-wingers” look like domestic terrorists.

January 6th?

Well, that’s a suspicion that Tucker Carlson addressed on his show after Revolver.news released a piece that speculated the FBI was in some way “in” on the planning of the Jan 6th event.


Now, those suspicions are starting to feel a lot more “real.”

Tucker just interviewed a former DEA agent who says that he was actually invited by an FBI informant to go to the Cap on January 6th…he was actually “encouraged” to go.

What the heck?

You can watch the videos below:

The FBI was already facing down a lot of negativity from the American people thanks to #SpyGate and disgraced former FBI Director Jamess Comey.

But now, things are getting a lot worse for them.

Take a look at this tweet they posted recently and the nasty comments they received:

Here’s what they said: “Protecting the United States from terrorist attacks is the #FBI’s top priority. We work closely with our partners to disrupt violent plots and keep our communities safe from harm. #NatSec”

And here is just a small sampling of the slew of nasty comments they got:

“Thank you for saving us from all the attacks you organize ❤️ “

“In other words: all conservatives are terrorists and we’re using NSA, CIA, and DOD resources to spy on 90 million Americans”

“You’re all a disgrace.” 

“The real terror threat is YOU” 

“It doesn’t count if you set the fire yourself”

“The FBI is backing the wrong horse.”

“The FBI has been politicized and needs to be dismantled”

“Newsflash: The FBI are the #Terrorists”

“So do you normally infiltrate groups with a higher number of your agents & or snitches than the total number of members there are in said “terrorist group”?? LOOK IN THE MIRROR! YOU’RE THE TERRORISTS!”

“Yes, but who is protecting Americans from the FBI??”

“The Federal Bureau of Instigation.”

“The FBI: Foiling Terrorist Plots Even If We Have To Plan Them Ourselves™”

“The fastest way to get to the bottom of a terror plot is to create it yourself! Agency boys call that ‘getting in on the ground floor.'”


Clearly, the FBI has a big problem…and no, it’s not all the fake “terror” they’re organizing – it’s the American people who have lost complete and total trust and confidence in them.


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