[VIDEO] Tucker Reveals The Trump Appointee Who Worked With Biden’s Team to Bury Hunter’s Laptop Story 

[VIDEO] Tucker Reveals The Trump Appointee Who Worked With Biden’s Team to Bury Hunter’s Laptop Story 

David C. Weiss is an American attorney.


He currently serves as the United States Attorney for the US District Court in Delaware.

He was appointed by President Trump, and according to Tucker Carlson (and Politico), he’s the guy who made sure Hunter wouldn’t be prosecuted for the contents of his laptop.

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Mr. Weiss held the information back, at the request of the Biden family and their attorneys.

Wow, how nice for Joe and Hunter…

Politico reported that Mr. Weiss didn’t want to make it a “campaign issue.”

Well, of course he wouldn’t…was he in on “the plot” too? Sure sounds like it.


Did I also mention that Biden decided to leave Mr. Weiss in his position?

That’s right, Joe didn’t feel the need to get rid of this particular Trump appointee – even though he’s been firing all the others. This is a man who has been tasked with “investigating Hunter’s finances.”

What a coincidence, right – and what a nice “reward” for all of Mr.Weiss’s dirty work.

Now Joe can keep a “friend” in that office to make sure that no REAL investigation into Hunter’s finances ever takes place.

Hunter can now create his five-hundred-thousand-dollar “artwork” in peace.


Tucker addressed this matter and said, “When you cover for a Democratic presidential campaign, you are…a sober-minded prosecutor.”

He then goes on to point out how the FBI had the Hunter Biden laptop in their possession well before the 2020 campaign, and they did nothing – they’ve still done absolutely nothing.



The swamp is so deep, I am actually starting to think that it’s completely bottomless.



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