[VIDEO] Athlete Films Depressing Behind-The-Scenes “Draconian-Like” Set Up at Tokyo Olympics 

[VIDEO] Athlete Films Depressing Behind-The-Scenes “Draconian-Like” Set Up at Tokyo Olympics 

COVID has really ruined everything….actually COVID hasn’t – our so-called “leaders” have.


And I wonder why on earth the world has gone so bonkers over a virus with such a high survival rate, and a vaccine, and medication available to treat it.

Furthermore, we’ve isolated who are the most vulnerable – elderly and obese folks.

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Yet, the world is having a complete and total meltdown.

Am I missing something here?

People throw out these huge numbers of dead folks, and I understand that many have died – of course – but even so, there is a difference between dying WITH COVID-19 and dying FROM COVID-19, and those two numbers are never differentiated or explained in any of the mainstream reporting I’ve seen – and I think those 2 numbers matter. A lot.


Look, I am not a person who thinks COVID is fake. For God’s sake, I had a terrible case of COVID – I couldn’t breathe, I was so weak, I could hardly walk at one point. I mean, I get it, this virus can be a humdinger, even to some of us who are considered “healthy people”….but even still, this draconian reaction is bizarre to me.

And speaking of depressing and draconian – check out what it’s like “behind the scenes” at the Tokyo Olympics.

This athlete describes all the creepy COVID restrictions that make the Olympics look like the “Hunger Games” – only sadder.

You can watch the video below:


How depressing does that look?

I just don’t think it needs to be this way – and I question why we’re all living like this – and accepting it as the ‘new normal.’


Again, I don’t think COVID is phony – I think it’s a very real virus that was used insidiously against us – but I do think COVID has been “politicized,” and anytime that happens to anything, a shift happens – and truth goes out the window in lieu of pushing an agenda. That’s just human and political nature.


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