[VIDEO] Maria Drops Senator’s Name Whom She Says is “Associated” With Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt

[VIDEO] Maria Drops Senator’s Name Whom She Says is “Associated” With Officer Who Shot Ashli Babbitt

On Sunday, Mario Bartiromo interviewed President Trump and during that chat, she discussed the topic of Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed Trump supporter who was shot and killed at the Capitol on January 6th.


Lately, President Trump has been talking a lot about January 6th.

He kicked off the questions surrounding January 6th by asking “who shot Ashli Babbitt?”

And when he did, he lit an internet firestorm.


Trump also wants to know why so many January 6th patriots are being held without bail as if they’re communist “political prisoners.”

It’s great that Trump is now highlighting January 6th. He’s definitely got a lot of people talking about it on both sides of the aisle, and we need that.

And speaking of talking…Maria thinks she knows who killed Ashli, and she dropped a hint.

Maria appears to believe that it’s someone associated with Chuck Schumer.

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You can watch the videos below:

We need to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Ashli’s family deserves to know what happened to her, and the American people do as well.


Why was she gunned down like that? What was she doing just before she was killed and what happened right after?

These are questions that we should all know the answers to – this is America, not China…yet.

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