[VIDEO] US Women’s Softball Team Just Showed Megan Rapinoe How It’s Done

[VIDEO] US Women’s Softball Team Just Showed Megan Rapinoe How It’s Done

It’s a sad day when the radical progressives have ruined The Olympics.


At a time when the country and the world should be coming together, we have these spoiled, low-info activist athletes dividing everyone and trashing the country that has given them so much.

And the vibe has gotten so bad, that American people are actually rooting against the US women’s soccer team. But can you blame them? Those selfish activist athletes hate their country, why on earth would we cheer them on?

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Check out this poll:

That poll is in response to the recent shocking loss that Megan Rapinoe and her soccer comrades took against the Swiss. And it happened right after Team USA took a knee for “BLM.”

Once again, activists athletes are making a world event about themselves, and really pissing off the American people.

But I have some good news…

There’s still some hope…


All it took to restore the human and Olympic spirit was the professional and patriotic women’s softball team. They literally stood up and showed Megan Rapinoe and her team of American-hating communists how it’s done.

They all stood up, and didn’t take a knee to “fight racism” (which is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard), nor did they trash the US.

Oh, and they also won their game, unlike Megan and her comrades.

You can watch the video below:

It’s a shame that we’re in this position, having people who trash our country “representing” us at the Olympics.

But it’s good to remember that not everyone is an “activist athlete.”

Most of them cans set aside personal and political feelings and just play the sport that they love.


These are unselfish, and dedicated people, who are humble, and know that the Olympics isn’t about “them” and what they feel or believe, it’s about all Americans.

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