[VIDEO] Americans Outraged, When Once Again, They Believe Joe Got Far too “Cozy” With a Young Girl

[VIDEO] Americans Outraged, When Once Again, They Believe Joe Got Far too “Cozy” With a Young Girl

Biden is once again facing harsh criticism for yet another odd encounter with a young child.


During a White House ceremony, Biden can be seen grabbing this young girl and pulling her close to whisper something in her ear.

This is the same kind of stuff that has made countless Americans feel uncomfortable for years, and no matter how much people say it’s wrong, he just keeps doing it.

I wouldn’t let that creepy man within an inch of my daughter. No way, no how.

You can watch the video below:

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Many are calling this encounter strange and disturbing, and pointing out that the child looks uncomfortable as well.

Again, we’ve seen countless past videos of Joe struggling little girls, and they all look uncomfortable.

Here are some of the comments from users on Twitter:


“He’s criminally sick. And everyone knows it. I never thought I’md live to see our country governed by a child molester.”


“Because the fathers, uncles and grandpas don’t punch his lights out. Like they don’t know that happened. They sacrifice their daughters for their careers.”

“I wonder how many times he’s been told what this looks lie. But he can’t help himself.”

“Why do parents let him do this”

“Continues getting a free pass from media and the political elites…?”

 “He can’t help himself, he’s always gotten away with it”

Americans definitely seem to be keeping track of Biden and his behavior around children.

It’ll be interesting to see if the media ever addresses this.

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