Former CIA Official Shares Alarming “DC Rumor” Floating Around About Biden’s “Timing” of Afghanistan Withdrawal

Former CIA Official Shares Alarming “DC Rumor” Floating Around About Biden’s “Timing” of Afghanistan Withdrawal

Bryan Dean Wright is a well-respected, highly-connected former CIA ops officer.


Chances are, you’ve seen him on Fox News. He’s very sharp, and he knows his stuff, so today, when I saw a tweet of his about a rumor floating around the DC intel/military community, I paused and took notice.

Many people are wondering why everything went total crap so quickly, and why things weren’t better planned out in Afghanistan.

Why the rush? Why didn’t Biden wait and do things the right way to at least alleviate some of the mess?

We realize it’d always be chaotic, but the mess we’re dealing with now is just absurdly off the charts, and now the deaths of 13 US soldiers and countless foreigners at the Kabul airport. It’s unthinkable how poorly planned out this was.

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Well, Bryan says there’s a “minor” rumor floating around his circle of intel and military friends about why everything went down NOW – and it’s pretty damn disturbing.

Here’s what Mr. Wright said on Twitter:


“There’s a minor rumor in the IC/Mil world that the Afghanistan debacle wasn’t a mistake: The Biden Regime didn’t want Afghanistan to collapse a year from now — right before the 2022 midterm elections — as the IC forecasted. Better to have it collapse now. I offer no opinion.”

“But remember who we have running America’s military: President Pudding Brain. VP Unpopular Paperweight. SecDef Obese Window Dressing. Joint Chiefs Wokester Politician. America’s pol/mil elites are trash.”

Of course, this is just a rumor, but we all know that politicians often make their decisions based on elections and public opinions – I think that’s actually the only way they make decisions, to be honest…


So, while we can’t prove this or debunk it, I would say it probably has a decent shot of being true, and that’s pretty scary stuff, considering all the horror we’ve seen unleashed.

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