[WATCH] Bidens Suffers Major Slip Up Where He Implies Kamala Will be President ‘Pretty Soon’

[WATCH] Bidens Suffers Major Slip Up Where He Implies Kamala Will be President ‘Pretty Soon’

Well, it’s happened yet again, folks…Biden is referring to Kamala Harris as president.

Perhaps this was a Freudian slip considering the absolute mess he’s created in Afghanistan and maybe he knows the end of his reign is near.


While delivering a speech Biden stated that Kamala was in Asia for him and then oddly stated that we’re going to have some presidents pretty soon.

I’m sure we will Joe…

Watch the video:

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This man, yet again, is making absolutely no sense.

Here’s what users on Twitter had to say about this latest slip up”

“She’s in Asia for me *uh oh* ummm aisudbsjshs djdjs. S jdjssj snd sjdiichebs s jdidjsbs. Jdidjsbshd shshs. Suszuautwhdo shdidjsnskksnddbbsh”

“He’s saying he’s going to resign soon so we’ll have a female president soon. This isn’t confusing”

“He’ll be stacking spaghetti sauce and fighting CornPop before you know it.”

“We may have 3 presidents in the 4 years.”

“So we all have to guess what the PRESIDENT is trying to say.”

“He’s like one of those long-overdue for service animitronic presidents at Disney World who’s coding is so far gone, maintainers are like, “Eh, we could fix it, but this is far more entertaining.””

“I’m I the only one that feels bad for his ASL interpreter?”


It’s really pathetic that at this point we’re constantly having to guess what the so-called “president” is saying on a daily basis.

At this point, every public address he makes should automatically come with subtitles.

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