Senator Orrin Hatch Shares 4 “Presidential” Photos, and It Absolutely Buries Joe Biden 

Senator Orrin Hatch Shares 4 “Presidential” Photos, and It Absolutely Buries Joe Biden 

Joe Biden is taking a lot of “political fire” right now for this Afghanistan debacle.


But what’s happening in Afghanistan isn’t something that will just go away, like all of his “dementia moments.”

No, this one will stick.

This is the type of massive foreign policy blunder that “defines” a so-called “president” like Joe.

It’s similar but actually worse, than Jimmy Carter’s hostage situation back in the 70s – and that tanked Carter.

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Joe could’ve handled this Afghanistan backlash a helluva better – but his Handlers tried to “save face” and deflect blame, which was a mistake.

The American people are forgiving, and if Joe had apologized and then went above and beyond to fix things, he wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in right now.

And it’s a MESS.

This will be Biden’s legacy.


And speaking of legacies…Senator Orrin Hatch took to Twitter where he shared 4 photos – 3 actual presidents and their defining moments and then the last pic is Joe Biden. The other there are Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan.

…and it’s the most damning collection of photos ever because Joe is the last picture…it’s a photo of him walking away without taking any questions during his dreadful Afghanistan address.

His “defining moment.” 

Here’s what Orrin said:

“For some, you can tell the entire story of their leadership in a single picture.”

It’s sad but true.


Biden has carved out his legacy – a so-called “president” whose legitimacy was always in question, and then he proved all his critics right by being one of the most inept “leaders” this country has ever had.


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