One Smart Trump Supporter Just Figured Out How The Taliban Backed Joe Into a “No-Win” Corner 

One Smart Trump Supporter Just Figured Out How The Taliban Backed Joe Into a “No-Win” Corner 

When this whole Afghanistan withdrawal was announced, Biden gave his “red line” date of 8/31 to complete the withdrawal.


At this point, Biden was not aware – for some odd reason – that the Army we spent 20-years training would fold like a cheap suit, so his 8/31 date was touted left and right. I think he thought he’d be thrown a ticker-tape parade or something.

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Well, here we are now, just 8 or so days away from the 31st of August, and we have an unknown number of Americans trapped behind enemy lines – the number that keeps getting thrown around is 10K+ but for all we know it could be triple that amount.

But clearly, it’s a big number, and with ISIS reportedly at/near the airport now, shootings, stampedes, and now fires, the US Embassy in Kabul has told Americans NOT to come to the airport.

It’s a mess at Kabul airport, no matter what the Biden admin will try and tell you:


This prompted the Biden admin to announce they’d be looking at extended their 8/31 deadline for withdrawal as if they were calling the shots…

But the Taliban stepped in and smacked Biden down, and said, “NO. You leave 8/31 or else…”

Now, the Taliban is running the show and telling Team Biden what they will do.

But it’s worse than just some “mouthy Taliban” spokesperson spouting off.

The terror org actually just made a cunning political move against Joe and painted him into a corner that he can’t get out of.

One Trump supporter has it all figured out.

Here’s what this very smart Trump supporter said about what “game” the Taliban is now running on Joe.

“Taliban’s red line puts Joe in a pickle optically and the Taliban knows this. Joe got out played again. If we are not out by the 31st, there will be conflict. If we are out by the 31st, it will look like Joe was scared. This is really pretty funny.”

It’s not surprising that mashed potato-brain Joe is getting outplayed by a 600 AD terror group, but what’s worrisome for everyone, is that a weak America puts the entire world in danger and lifts the spirits of these demented radical killers.

As much as we dislike Joe, and I know all of us do, we certainly don’t want to see our beautiful country suffer just to score a few momentary “political” brownie points.


So, what we’re seeing the Taliban do now is not only cunning on their part, as yet another way to make America look weak and feckless, but also can place our brave military in harm’s way.

This is a dire situation that didn’t have to happen this way. It’s ineptitude, arrogance, and dementia that has landed us in this spot.

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