Popular Baltimore Talk Radio Host Shares Rumors He’s Hearing About Brian Stelter and Chris Cuomo 

Popular Baltimore Talk Radio Host Shares Rumors He’s Hearing About Brian Stelter and Chris Cuomo 

Derek Hunter is a popular talk radio host out of Baltimore, and he’s got some insider scuttlebutt about what’s going on over at CNN right now – mainly in regards to Chris Cuomo, but also involving Brian Stelter.


As you know, Chris Cuomo was recently outed for helping his perverted brother behind the scenes fight against the sexual harassment allegations that the NY AG said he’s guilty of.

According to emails, Chris Cuomo actually crafted one statement for his brother.

In addition, one of Cuomo’s accusers, claims Chris has used his “power” at CNN to “smear” her on behalf of his brother.

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The cries for Chris Cuomo to be fired have been loud – so loud, that he just went on a “vacation.”

And while Brian Stelter has defended his failing networks handling of the Cuomo mess, the rumor on the street is that Brian actually wants Chris booted.

Here’s what Derek Hunter had to say: “I’ve heard that privately @brianstelter is telling friends & some colleagues he thinks @CNN needs to let @ChrisCuomo
go, he’s too damaged to do his job anymore. But @CNNPR and management don’t want to give “right-wing media a victory” so they’ll stand with him no matter what.”


That actually sounds like it could be spot-on.

It’s obvious Cuomo should go, even ignoramus Brian Stelter can see that, but I believe that CNN, as spiteful and unprofessional as they are, would rather keep him, than give the right some “win.”


Very childish.

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