CNN’s Attitude Toward One Of Their Own Who Played A Part In Brother’s Cover Up Is Hideous!

CNN’s Attitude Toward One Of Their Own Who Played A Part In Brother’s Cover Up Is Hideous!

Like many of you, I can remember when CNN was actually a legitimate news agency. Now I think the National Enquirer is more truthful has better credibility and more viewership, but it is also better respected.

What they are doing to cover up one of their own, host Chris Cuomo, who has a part in his brother’s, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo public relations cover-up, of the sexual assault allegations is over the top. For a few days, other than one or two, the network has been silent on Chris’ participation while other media outlets have made the story very serious.

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The investigation just concluded by the New York Attorney General found that Andrew sexually harassed 11 women over seven years in office. We later learned that Chris advised him behind the scenes to address the allegations. This advising/consulting continued, even drafting a statement for him and the governor’s political team, all while anchoring his primetime program.

I can’t help but wonder why it is that people like Chris become so powerful. One would think that the pattern of having a “mean streak” would prevent such individuals from success. How unfortunate that doesn’t seem to be the case. It is we who let it happen.

It must no longer be legal that individuals are forced to directly fund through their cable bill powerful “for-profit” media companies that work every day to influence the public with biased political speech the individual may disagree with and may stand against the individual’s personal goals and values. I should have the right to cancel a subscription to any channel I disagree with politically. I would cancel CNN in a heartbeat even though I do not watch on the regular.

I would settle for a requirement that they post warning labels on their product that inform their audience that the content is political opinion and stop the charade that what they do is objective. Then people could either enjoy the theatre or click away from it without the frustration of feeling patronized.

It’s a good thing that about five years ago, CNN decided to stop even pretending that they and the Democrat party are separate entities because if EVERYONE didn’t already know that they are nothing more than part of the Democrat’s propaganda ministry, they would probably have some explaining to do right now.

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Is anyone really surprised by any of this at this point? If there’s even one person left out there who still believes anything they see or hear on CNN, that really doesn’t give me much hope for our species.

As a person with many, many years in business…I understand shrinking your market to grow it. Some businesses fire customers to strengthen their core base and launch new strategic plans designed to expand into a new segment, change the core offerings, adjust to market demand, etc. It happens.

What I have not figured out is why Communist News Network and MSDNC have taken this approach? There is no business reason to do what they have done over the years. They both have capped their markets. You cannot grow a market that has no more customers. The only thing that makes sense to me is they both believe the transition is here. I mean, as media experts, they both understand that someone will become the primary propaganda arm of the one-party regime.

CNN is the media’s equivalent to a mechanic. Someone who is paid to remove “issues”… permanently. So is MSNBC. They worked together to verbally assassinate a sitting president either politically or by their own viewers by triggering them into doing the deed. Fortunately, neither happened. The only way our country will heal or come back from the Liberal abyss is for these networks to be exposed for what they are and ultimately traced back to their real masters running the show and paying the bills.

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They must be strategically competing to win that battle so that when America becomes the one-party utopian state, that each one believes they will be rewarded as the primary propaganda source for the new ruling elite. Nothing else from a business perspective makes sense. They both seem to have invested in a long-term strategy to be the winner of the Pravda war when the time comes…thinking that the time is near or it is here.

All news today is hardly news and rather just political commentary at best and often outright propaganda. Fox News should be included in that statement because, at times, although any intelligent person should compare between Fox News and CNN and others and determine that on avg. Fox News tells the truth a whole lot more often than the others. People who watch CNN and other such networks regularly are either very unaware or willing to be lied to if it supports their general worldview.

Aren’t you tired of CNN’s news hypocrisy? What needs to be done to finally make this network accountable for this misinformation and fake news? Leave your comments below.


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